Rubber Extrusions

Rubber extruded products are widely used across industrial applications. Its resilience, elasticity and flexibility make it an effective choice for applications which involve shock absorption, sealing and fluid transportation.

Extruded rubber profiles are applied in a wide range of sealing and gasketing applications in the construction industry. They are available in various compounds and styles to meet specific end-use requirements involving various factors like size, tolerance, configuration, cost and performance.

At Ismat Rubber, we have earned a reputation for manufacturing high quality custom rubber extrusions. Our attention to detail and commitment to excellence, coupled with our experience and knowledge of the industries ensure that we exceed your expectations.

We manufacture our rubber extrusions in

Types of extruded rubber products we manufacture

Rubber Profiles Gaskets and Seals

The rubber stripes and profile are considered to be the most popular product in rubber extrusion production line. Profiles and stripes are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, rubber materials. We manufacture both solid and sponge types.

Profiles are used as sealing components with anti friction qualities for the smooth operation of windows and doors. These rubber profiles are extensively used in a vast range of diverse applications. These rubber profiles mainly serve as sealing components between the glass and aluminium sections.

Some examples of the profiles that we manufacture are shown in the pictures below. Being custom manufacturers, we design and develop rubber profiles to the specific requirements of our customers.

Rubber Packing’s

Mainly used as water tight gaskets for the hatch covers in the shipping industry. These packing’s are manufactured in sponge rubber as well in solid rubber in a variety of hardness, ranging from 40 ± shore A to 85 ± shore A.

Rubber packing’s are manufactured in oil and weather resistant polymers such as Neoprene, Nitrile, and EPDM and in special cases Silicon and Viton.

The standard packing sizes available are.

Cable protectors

Our cable protectors are built for heavy traffic of vehicles and trucks. Mainly used on highways and construction sites for protecting electrical cables.

These cable protectors are made from high tensile and abrasion resistant polymers and are made for demanding work conditions.

Apart from our standard cable protectors, we also specialize in manufacturing custom made designs to suit individual requirements based on specific work conditions and cable requirements.

Rubber Cords

Round rubber cord are a good alternative in areas where the sealing is not too aggressive or under very high pressure. These cords can be installed very easily in inaccessible work areas and can be joint on site with adequate adhesive. They provide sufficient resistance and elasticity in the sealing applications.

NBR Nitrile Rubber Cord

NBR cord is compatible with hydraulic oils, water/glycol, oil in water emulsions, animal, minerals and vegetable oils, fuels and heavy oils. They have good mechanical properties, low compression set.

They are however not suitable for high temperature applications, protection against ozone, ketones, esters, aldehydes, chlorinated and nitro hydrocarbons

EPDM Rubber Extruded Cord

Good use in applications such as steam, hot water, air, UV, diluted acids and non-mineral oil base.

Can withstand temperature range from -50°C To + 150°C

EPDM Sponge Rubber Cord (Closed Cell)

Applicable in areas where rubber requires to withstand atmospheric conditions, ozone, sunlight UV ageing, moisture.

Used mainly as sealing applications.

Viton FKM Rubber Cords

This rubber cord offers excellent resistance to a wide variety of corrosive fluids at elevated temperature without major degradation.

Viton rubber cords have excellent resistance to ozone, oxygen, have good mechanical properties and low compression set.

Can be used in demanding work environments where temperatures can be between – 25°C To + 200°C

Silicone Rubber Cord

Silicone Cord is good in hot air up to 210°C. They have good insulating properties and tend to be physiologically neutral. They have excellent temperature resistance ranging from -55°C to + 200°C.

They however have low tensile strength, poor tear and wear resistance.

Marine and Boat fenders

Rubber fenders are more popular in the marine industry. Marine rubber fenders are placed along the sides of a boat or ship to provide a cushioning effect to prevent damage and protect the boat from impact.

Marine fenders are made from soft rubber and used between vessel and other objects like piers, pilings, and docks to protect the vessel from damage.

Fenders are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes that can be used for small yachts to the largest vessels. They are designed to absorb the berthing energy due to their deflection. These fenders are manufactured from natural rubber as well as synthetic rubbers such as EPDM and SBR. Rubber fenders can withstand all possible operating conditions in the automobile and marine industry.

Rubber fenders have applications in all kinds of shipbuilding, harbour construction, and maritime transportation. We manufacture floating buoy, cylindrical, DD-type, DO type, square, key hole type and corner rubber fenders.

All of these fenders can further be designed with different specifications and can also be custom designed.