RUBBER Moulding

Ismat is an industry leader in designing and manufacturing custom molded rubber products for applications across many industries. We specialize in concept design and development of products and help our customers in all stages of their product development.

Our product designers, engineers and skilled technicians, work with our customers in understanding their requirements and work through the process from design selection, mold development to material identification.

Rubber Extrusions

Rubber extruded products are widely used across industrial applications. Its resilience, elasticity and flexibility make it an effective choice for applications which involve shock absorption, sealing and fluid transportation.

Extruded rubber profiles are applied in a wide range of sealing and gasketing applications in the construction industry. They are available in various compounds and styles to meet specific end-use requirements


Rubber lining is an application where a rubber sheet or membrane is used for protection against corrosion where the steel substrate is exposed to water or any corrosive environment. There are several rubber lining applications some of which include resistance to acid, chemicals and alkalis, abrasion resistance, infect protection, therefore, selecting the most suitable material is crucial to proper protection. The process can be carried out on the surface or on the inside of metal pipes, tanks, valves, flanges etc., making it a very popular choice.


Polyurethane was first discovered in the 1930’s by Professor Otto Bayer in his quest to search for an alternative for natural rubber during the World War II. But he discovered more than what he longed for – polyurethane. It then turned out to be one of the most important compounds in almost all of the things around us today; a product that’s far greater than a substitute for natural rubber. Because of his discovery, he was referred as the Father of the polyurethanes engineering. Nowadays, polyurethane comes in many forms to make it suitable to a myriad of applications because of its flexibility to substitute aplenty of materials that are either scarce or expensive.

Tool Room facilities

Ismat rubber specializes in manufacturing custom made rubber and polyurethane products catering mainly to the Marine, Oil and Gas, construction and general industrial sector. Serving these industries requires a quick and timely response. To be able to do that the industry must have all the required processes to manufacture the products in-house. This helps in better control over production and delivery.

Ismat Rubber has an elaborate tool room which is supported by a team of highly qualified design engineers to design and manufacture the molds. All the molds are manufactured from mild steel.