rubber grommet products



Rubber grommets are commonly used in items such as cable wire trays, tubes etc.They can be used for waterproofing, covering holes with sharp edges, sealing gaps and vibration damping.

They are used in protection of materials such as insulated wires, cables etc against damage due to sharp edges of the holes through which they are passed.

They not only protect the surface of holes but also whatever it is that goes through them, simultaneously providing seal-like properties to prevent ingress. It is widely used in various fields such as electronics, electrical appliances, machinery, sports equipment, furniture, and lighting.


We manufacture rubber grommets in both Natural and Synthetic rubber such as Silicone, Neoprene, EPDM, Nitrile and for special applications we also manufacture them in fluoro rubber Customers can choose the rubber grommets based on their requirements and applications from our range. Rubber grommets have a wider range of applications when compared to other grommet types like metal and plastics.


When compared to metallic or plastic grommets that are highly brittle or prone to rusting when used externally, Rubber Grommets can be used in almost all weather situations being resistant against Acids & Alkali’s.

High heat

Since rubber grommets are also made in synthetic polymers they exhibit good resistance against applications demanding high temperature. Usage in cabinets in transformer industry is one such application area.


Unlike other types of grommets that have restrictive applications, rubber grommets can be used for varied purposes thanks to their flexibility, enabling them to fit inside a large range of hole shapes and sizes.


As we shall see, Rubber Grommets can have several uses which include:

Electrical Cable/Wire Protection

Electrical cables are made of soft insulating materials. If they are passed through sharp edged holes without any prior protection, they will definitely be cut or abraded. This will damage the insulation due to constant flexing at the point of contact which may lead to circuit break, leading to potential disruption. Hence the use of Rubber Grommets for protection which also help in keeping the wires tightly held together.

Minimizing Vibrations

Since rubber grommets are mostly used to cover holes in metal plates they also provide good insulation to vibration in electrical wires and cables that pass through the rubber grommet covered holes.