Polyurethane wheels have all the advantages of rubber, plastic and metal. They have excellent mechanical and chemical properties compared to other materials making it a very popular choice in the selection process.


Additional properties of polyurethane wheels include resistance to impact, abrasion and tear, shock absorption qualities, ease of customization, minimal heat build-up, hydrolysis resistance, and low-temperature performance, reduction in noise pollution, resistant to ultraviolet radiation, they are flexible and non-corrosive. They come in a wide range of hardness – from 20 Shore A to 80 Shore D.

A wide selection in soft, hard, rigid and integral skin options gives polyurethane an absolute advantage over all other options in both rubber and plastics.

Polyurethane wheels are manufactured using the casting, hydraulic press molding or injection molding process. The wheels come in complete solid polyurethanes and for more heavy duty applications comes with an inner core consisting of either cast iron, aluminum or steel structure. 


The outer tread consists of polyurethane material, this helps the polyurethane wheels to function as a good shock absorber and cushioning agent helping it work efficiently on bumpy and uneven terrains while keeping the noise level dramatically low.

Polyurethane wheels have a higher load bearing capability, higher tensile strength and wear resistance compared to rubber or plastic wheels. The load capacity of urethane wheels is up to 5 X that of rubber caster wheels with the same dimensions. Polyurethane wheels have higher elastic memory and flexibility compared to plastic wheels. They provide better grip and traction reducing the load on the wheel to provide the required driving force. Each wheel can be customized by hardness, flexibility, tear strength, color and other parameters based on the application demand, this gives polyurethane wheels an unmatched advantage over rubber, plastic and metal wheels.



Transportation & Logistics

Elevators And Escalators

Industrial Wheels

1. Material Handling

With the market dynamics changing, the need for more cost effective material handling solutions becomes imperative. The material handling equipment’s need to be able to handle heavy pay loads at the same time be faster and efficient, this puts increasing demand on the polyurethane wheels and tires. To counter this we use the highest polyurethane grades to ensure that we keep up with the customers’ expectations.

Ismat rubber, designs and manufactures polyurethane wheels made from Methylene Diphenyl Diisocyanate (MDI), Naphthalene diisocyanate (NDI) and p-phenylene diisocyanate (PPDI), based polyurethane elastomers. We manufacture forklift drive wheels, load wheels, forklift press on tire, pallet truck wheels, AGVs, AS/RS wheels, conveyor systems, guide rollers, stacker wheels, providing complete solutions for the material handling industry.

Our wheels meet the strict quality requirements and performance demand of the material handling industry by providing durable and reliable products. This is possible with in-house product design and custom designed high performance polyurethane formulations.

Properties of High

  • Excellent dynamic and mechanical properties.

  • High load bearing properties.

  • Low heat build-up

  • Hydrolysis resistance

  • Low-temperature performance

  • Resistant to ultraviolet radiation

  • Flexible and non-corrosive

  • High resistance to cut and tear

  • Low compression set

  • Working temperatures between -20°C To + 110°C

  • Resistance to hydrocarbons, greases and solvents

2. Transportation & Logistics

Large percentage of our polyurethane wheel production is dedicated towards the transportation and logistics section due to the scale and magnitude of this industry. We manufacture polyurethane wheels for different service areas within and outside the airport such as wheels for baggage and cargo handling, lifting vehicles, motorized luggage carts, pallet trailers, the baggage conveyor systems, ground support equipment, the luggage storage and logistic systems within the airport areas. 

Handling large cargo volumes under tight schedules is a high demand job. Aircrafts have a short turnaround time between flights and require smooth and reliable transition of material handling. Our products meet the rigid requirements of the airline industry. Even under extreme weather conditions our rollers performance is unaffected. Our roller design and the materials used – provide excellent durability, characterizing excellent wear, tear and impact resistance, low compression set enables smooth movement of material at high speed.

3. Elevators And Escalators

Elevators and escalators are part of our day to day life. They are a popular mode of transporting people in all public and private arenas. Maintenance and up-keepment of these utilities is paramount to make sure that they work seamlessly. Polyurethane guide wheels and rollers perform a critical role in the smooth flow. Our wheels keep the elevators in place and help them stabilize against the steel guides ensuring that the elevator stays in place to ensure a smooth ride.  These wheels also act as an Anti-lock system in case the cable malfunctions. Hence the polyurethane wheels are an integral part in the working of elevators and escalators.

Safety, performance and reliability of the polyurethane wheels under varied working environments is paramount as most escalators and elevators work in high traffic area’s transporting people, any disruption in the service causes logistical problems. Our rollers are manufactured from high quality polyurethanes, capable of handling high load and speed, they have excellent resistance against wear and tear even under extreme weather conditions ensuring long working life. This ensures low maintenance costs on the system which has huge cost savings in the long run.

Our wheels are used in both passenger and service lifts and all types of escalators which are widely used in Shopping Centers, Airports, Hotels, Stadiums, Department Stores, Office Buildings, Arenas, Convention Centers, Train Stations, and Underground Stations.

Having an in-house design and development team helps us to develop custom made products based on individual requirements of each customer. This gives the customer flexibility to change the design or the material based on their specific application requirements.

4. Industrial Wheels

Polyurethane wheels are used in a wide variety of industrial applications such as overhead conveyor systems, industrial carts, Industrial washer and dryer systems, Roll forming industries, Automated parking systems and many more.

We specialize in manufacturing custom made wheels specific to each industry, this is possible due to our in-house design and development team which tirelessly works on new product development. This helps us to provide the right solutions for any machine or engineering applications.

Manufacturing polyurethane wheels with the highest standards maximizes safety, productivity, reducing down time on maintenance which results in high cost savings.

We manufacture industrial wheels from very small loads to heavy duty industrial wheels which are manufactured from the highest grades of polyurethanes. All industrial wheels are machined to the size requirements of each customer, providing keyways and bearings making it ready to use for the customer.

We also offer industrial wheels with softer compounds which are non-marking, good for wet area usage providing good surface grip, are hydrolysis resistant.

Types of Polyurethane Wheels

1. DRIVE WheeL

We manufacture medium to heavy duty drive wheels in high grade Polyurethanes, giving good electrical conductive properties, better wet grip for wet and slippery floors, manufactured in soft and hard compounds based on working conditions of the fork lifts. Our drive wheels come with a keyway or in a stud hole configuration. The inner metal core come in pressed steel or cast iron options. They are extensively used in material handling industries in fork lifts and cargo carts. All wheel tread are non-marking offering good dynamic load capacity, mechanical wear resistance and a good compression set. All polyurethane wheels are resistant to many chemicals and oils having low water absorption which make these wheels ideal for most material handling applications. Our polyurethane drive wheels can handle medium to high load capacities ranging from 1000 Kgs up to 10,000 Kgs. There are different ways to manufacture the wheels – either bonding them directly on the metal core of the fork lift wheel or with an option of press on tire, which can be directly pressed on the metal core for easy replacements.

Core Options in drive wheels:




2. Guide Wheel

Guide rollers are used in a wide range of industrial applications. Guide rollers are non-marking, anti-corrosive have low rolling resistance, high impact and tear resistance, high load capacity, low compression set and are heat resistant. They are used for guiding equipment’s and keeping them aligned across the travel length. Our guide rollers are manufactured in high grade polyurethane to combat the tough working conditions these rollers are subjected to.


Polyurethane guide rollers with steel roller on the inside, complete with high grade bearings for smooth movement.

Polyurethane guide rollers with steel roller on the inside fixed with circlip to keep the bearing in place, complete with high grade bearings for smooth movement.

Polyurethane guide rollers with steel roller on the inside fixed with circlip to keep the bearing in place, complete with high grade bearings for smooth movement.

3. Load bearing wheel

Polyurethane load wheels are used in high loading equipment’s and machinery. The core of the wheels are in cast iron or machined steel for higher load bearing capacity. They are usually fixed with bearings for easy movement. Load wheels have a wide application range, they are used in forklifts wheels, AGVs, conveyor lines, in rotating drum assembly etc. Our load bearing wheels are made from high quality polyurethane, this helps increase productivity, has longer operating life, helps in cost reduction and improves the overall performance.


Polyurethane bonded to the metal core with ball bearing

Polyurethane wheels without ball bearings for applications with higher speed and load capacities.

4. Press on tire:

We manufacture high quality press on tyres in options of both rubber and polyurethane materials which are manufactured by casting or molding directly on the steel rim or alternatively we offer tyres with separate steel core press on system for easy installation on the existing tyres. We also offer wheels with either a symmetrical or asymmetrical conical centre. Press on tyres have a very wide application range and are offered in hardness range from 65 to 75 shore A in rubber for low load capacity operations and from 80 to 95 shore A in polyurethane for applications where working conditions are severe. Our choice of threads are non-marking, non-slip have very high wear, tear and impact resistance against chemicals and oils and can be custom designed based on individual requirements of each customer. Press on tyres are a cost effective way to replacing the existing tyres, high quality insures productivity and efficiency.



High grade polyurethane directly casted on a solid steel roller, ideal solution for the most heavy duty applications.


An excellent alternative to metal bonded wheels, offers excellent service life, excellent mechanical properties including high speed, high load capacity, abrasion resistance and low compression. They are non-marking and resistant to many oils and greases.

5. Conveyor wheel:

Conveyor roller wheels form an integral part of the material handling systems, often found in large warehouse operations on production lines to transport materials along the conveyor system. The conveyor wheels help to transport goods in a safe, efficient and orderly manner along the conveyor system. The rollers can be powered by gravity, manually or by motor. To maintain efficiency of the conveyor system, it is vital that the conveyor wheels are made of high quality and durable material. We manufacture a wide range of conveyor roller wheels for both - flexible conveyors and fixed roller based conveyor systems. We manufacture the wheels for the overhead conveyor system which are mounted from the ceiling and used where objects are required to hang during painting, cooling or curing process. We also manufacture conveyor wheels for gravity based system and for driven conveyors in standard and non-standard sizes based on the requirements from our customers. Our conveyor wheels are produced to tight tolerances have high load bearing capacity and suited to work under a variety of environmental conditions.

Conveyor wheel designs: