Anti Vibration Flange Mount - Female


Flange Mountings are a simple, low cost, compression mounting, providing good levels of vibration reduction. The mountings are produced with & without an inter-leaf metal. The inter-leaf metal provides increased load capacity.


• Generating Sets

• Pumps

• Fans

• Compressors

• Vibratory Screens

• Processing Equipment etc.


Natural Rubber (NR)

H= Height

L= Flange Length

D= Diameter

G = Thread Size/ Nut Size

CF= Hole Distance

S= Metal Thickness

M/F= Hole Diameter


Article No.H (mm)L (mm)D (mm)CF (mm)GS (mm)F (mm)M (mm)Min Load (daN)Max Load (daN)
BPM 5 F4814488112M123111170700
BPM 6 F64215124180M20423181502000